The colours of the architectural rainbow

All too often residential and commercial streets are made bland via the choice of the paint colours owners select for their buildings. Sydney’s streets commonly ‘comply’ with a palette of colours that stretches the not-so-great distance from beige to cream to mushroom.

A good example is the heritage facade of the former Commonwealth Bank building on Campbell Parade at Bondi Beach. Formerly painted in striking pastel baby-blue and white, in harmony with its adjoining Art Deco buildings, it was recently ‘mushroomed’ over. With the new paint job came a loss in visibility of the aesthetic characteristics of the building and a diminishment of its landmark value.


Where have all the colours gone in our suburbs?

Happily, I happened upon a great little grouping of them today in Paddington, where a stretch of terrace houses have been recently painted in a gorgeous run of harmonious tones. The effect provides a lot of visual value to the streetscape.


Would love to see more of this.

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