Clovelly Road Better Block 2014 – Done and Dusted

After a hell-of-a-lot of Council and community engagement and event planning, the 2014 Clovelly Road Better Block streetscape improvement day was a raging success in October last year.

It was organised by the Park to Pacific Association, which is a community group set up to advocate for improved urban design and traffic outcomes for the entire length of Clovelly Road, from Centennial Park to the Pacific Ocean.

Better Block 2014, similar to the 2013 event down the road, was organised to demonstrate some ways the community can make their streets better places to live, work and socialise – with more trees and shrubs, street art, slower traffic speeds, more street furniture and creative public spaces. It is part of a movement that is based around short term action for long term change.

The event had some key aims, which were:
– To trial improvements to a small section of Clovelly Road, which may be made permanent and/ or used elsewhere in Clovelly Road or the City of Randwick
– To show how the street can be beautified (art, trees, shrubs, moveable street furniture)
– To raise awareness of possibilities for environmental improvements
– To promote local businesses by encouraging locals to shop local
– To enhance the sense of place for the ‘Hill Top’ village, where the 2014 event was held
– To bring attention to the benefits of lower car speeds
– To encourage the community to participate into streetscape design and to voice concerns and ideas regarding their local environment
– To foster a stronger community spirit

All in all, the one-day event went exceedingly well and the local community responded almost entirely positively to the majority of elements set up on the day. The Park to Pacific Association move into 2015 with hopes that Randwick Council will pick up on the positive community sentiment evident on and after the event day and incorporate many of the streetscape ideas trialed on the event day in their future planning for Clovelly Road.

Ari 23

16 super-advanced trees were craned into the ‘Hill Top’ village on Clovelly Road for the Better Block event day

Ari 39

Council approval was given for two very prominent blank building facades in the event area to be painted with murals by professional mural artists

Ari 28

The ‘Hill Top’ area, like other commercial areas on Clovelly Road, is almost entirely devoid of public seating. Street Furniture Australia donated a dozen of their products for the event day. These were very well received by both the community and business.

Ari 10

The footpaths of the event zone were spray-painted using sea and landscape motif stencils and some cute locational logos

Ari 25

The grand-daddy of all elements installed in Clovelly Road for the event was this semi-permanent parklet.

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