Living amongst the Tuckeroos (a tree for lovers of Latin)

The indigenous Tuckeroo vegetation community toward the western end of Bonna Point (Kurnell, Sydney) is something special and if you’re into Latin, the Tuckeroo might just be the tree for you. Its botanical name is Cupaniopsis anacardioides.

This Tuckeroo community would have once covered a much larger portion of Bonna Point. It likely considerably diminished in extent following land clearance after proposed subdivisions on Bonna Point and Kurnell, more generally, in 1882, 1913 and 1933. The remaining trees are now largely located in suburban allotments to the south of Silver Beach (the main beach at Kurnell that faces Botany Bay) and are an outstanding and rare example of the remnant vegetation of this part of Kurnell.

Tuckeroo in front yard of 252 PC Pde

Tuckeroo in front of 1 Balboa St


If you find yourself driving along Silver Beach at Kurnell, you’ll be able to see the evergreen dark canopies of the Tuckeroos behind the houses that face Prince Charles Parade (especially from the west of Balboa St to Dampier St).

For those who find themselves smitten by the lush green canopy of the Tuckeroo and the joy that saying their Latin name brings, there is a wonderful windblown stand of them to go and see.

Go to the end of Gowrie Street, Cronulla and have a walk along the footpath above Salmon Haul Bay, Port Hacking. The stand of Tuckeroos is about 150m west of the Bass and Flinders Memorial.

To see a very expansive indigenous Tuckeroo community, shout yourself a holiday at Byron Bay and have a look at the species en-mass behind the headland cliffs at Cape Byron.

Tough and beautiful trees.

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